3 Ways To Improve Work-Life Balance This Year

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Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Overworking or bringing work home with you every night can lead to burnout and cause health issues. Commit to these 3 habits to help improve your work-life balance in no time!


Take A Lunch Break Instead Of Eating At Your Desk

Ever feel like your not being productive? You’re at your professional office space, you’re getting some work done but you feel like you’re not working at your full potential. It’s lunchtime, so you just pull out your lunch, eat and go back to work. Now you feel restless but you could have avoided it if you took a break.


What do we mean by taking a break? Get some movement, stretch a little bit! Most people think that we have to feel a certain way in order to get things done. The reality, however, is that mood follows actions. For example, if you make yourself smile, we bet that your mood improved by the simple act of just smiling. So go out, take a lunch break, and socialize a bit, as it will amplify your mood, increase productivity, and enhance your creativity.


Don’t Check Email Before Starting Work

How you start your mornings, determines how your whole day will go. If you start off in a grumpy mood, you’ll be grumpy all day. If you wake up and talk yourself into a good mood. Chances are you will have a good day. Starting mornings right is so crucial to our well being. So why not start it off right?


Studies show that getting constant email notifications has been linked to higher levels of anxiety and increased levels of stress. Do you really want to start off your mornings like that? Instead, we recommend you slowly ease into your day. Start your mornings by eating a healthy breakfast, it will elevate your mood, connect with loved ones at home to improve relations, or even sip a cup of coffee to jump-start your day. Trust us, you will feel a whole lot better!


Workout 30 Minutes A Day

There exists an array of reasons why we should work out, yet not many people do so.  For instance, exercise is linked to improved focus and overall better health. Instead of checking social media for 30 minutes to an hour, like we know you do; run! Well you don’t have to run, but do some yoga, lift some weights, do whatever you have to do but just get moving. Exercise. The benefits of exercising are just phenomenal. Just check out the list below:

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Increase energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Prevent diseases
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Increase confidence

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