5 Tips for Conducting a Productive Meeting

People attending board room meeting

Have you ever  attended a meeting that felt like a waste of time? Maybe the meeting lacked order or a clear purpose. We’ve all had meetings that seemed pointless, and they are no fun. Meetings are supposed to bring people together so that they can accomplish a specific goal, and when there’s no specific goal, then it can feel frustrating. Want to make sure that your meetings are purposeful and productive? WORKZONES is here to help! Here are 5 tips for running an effective meeting:

1.Change the Environment

When it comes to having a productive meeting, a change in the environment can help. Experts at Fast Company say, “when you use the same space for every team gathering, you’ll notice that everyone tends to get into ‘default’ meeting mode.” Keep in mind that people act differently depending  on their physical environment. Usually, they tend to act a little looser outside than they do in an office setting. Do not be afraid to have an open discussion on a casual level to help people feel more comfortable. Changing the environment sparks creativity along with productivity and if you typically host meetings from home or a coffee shop, enjoy the experience of working from a professional meeting space instead.

2. Have a Goal

Before the meeting even begins, everyone should be clear on the objective. Write it down on the board to make sure everyone is aware of why you’re getting together. By writing down the objective, people will understand why they are there, will be far less confused, and will be more happy to attend.

Once the meeting starts, make sure you lead with the purpose. What do we want to accomplish? How do we plan on reaching our goal? Be assertive and confident in your field of expertise. Your positivity will trickle down to the team and vice versa.

3. Have a Plan

We all know the phrase “time is money,” but honestly, time is way more valuable than money. Time is something we give out but can’t get back. That’s why it is crucial to start and end the meeting on time. No one wants to waste 20 minutes for a late meeting. The same goes for the ending on time. If you go over the stated time, people will lose focus. Create a schedule that keeps you on track. This schedule should include everything that will happen throughout the meeting and at what point it will happen. A clear agenda gives your employees an idea of what to expect, and in turn, helps them to maintain a longer focus.

4. Limit Your Attendees

Does everybody in the company need to be there? Of course not. Figure out which members of your team are able to help you achieve the desired goal and which individuals are better off at doing their regular tasks. If you invite too many people in the room, it becomes crowded. Amazon does a good job of limiting the number of people in a meeting to keep it more efficient. At Amazon, if you can’t feed the whole room with two pizzas then it’s time to cut people off. Keep it small but efficient.

5.   Summarize

At the end of the meeting, bring it all together. Summarize the meeting and make sure that everyone knows who is responsible for what material and when it needs to be delivered. Once everyone has confirmed the key points, it is time to end the meeting.

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