7 items for the perfect Santa Barbara coworking experience

Front desk at workzones

Guest post by the wonderful Stef Miller @ Relish Santa Barbara

This month we’ve decided to venture out and take up (daytime) residence at the awesome Workzones located above Paseo Nuevo mall in downtown Santa Barbara.

Easy access and deluxe accommodations made the decision to join this coworking space a no-brainer. With access to the espresso machine, wi-fi, and phone booths for quick privacy what more could a working person need? Honestly, maybe just a few things, so we’re sharing our accessory list with you:

  • Amazing headphones: Bang & Olufsen
  • Inspiring music: Spotify (go Premium so you can stream offline while travelling!)
  • Personalized laptop bag: Rickshaw Bags
  • Handy notebooks to keep track of your awesome ideas flowing: Field Notes, because Moleskine is so last year.
  • Water bottle – hydration is key: bkr
  • Sweater: well, you’re on your own but as David Sedaris says – you can’t go wrong with cashmere in Santa Barbara
  • Business cards to give to all the cool people you’ll meet: small quantity, high quality cards with Moo

Workzones has membership plans for everyone’s need – whether it’s just a place for Santa Barbara travelers to pop in and check their email for an afternoon, or for local collaborators to meet up and stay inspired. Either way, let us know if you’re here!

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