8 Reasons to Consider a Coworking Space

Tables with dividers in the center

As more and more professionals are happily switching from traditional workplace arrangements to working remotely–they’re discovering the unhappy reality that there are precious few places to go to actually get work done.

One benefit of being a telecommuter is greater flexibility with scheduling. An offsetting challenge, however, is maintaining productivity levels that compare to a typical office environment. The issues with productivity might stem from distractions (the DVR, chores) or disruptions (family members, pets), and alternative places to work just introduce similar challenges of a different type (unreliable WiFi, no available power outlet).

What’s a person wanting the option of a remote work arrangement to do to stay productive?

In her article “8 Reasons to Consider a Coworking Space,” Sarah Kessler lays out some of the perks that she found by ditching a traditional office and joining the coworking movement. The benefits she lists for choosing coworking over a coffee shop or the kitchen table not only address the productivity problem, but other difficulties a remote worker faces as well.

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