Bleisure is your creative solution at a daily office space rental

People doing arts and crafts at bleisure event

By Delaney Anderson

Bleisure: a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Creativity

Have you ever taken a business trip to a beautiful new city to find that your only adventure was going from the airport to a stuffy hotel and back? Maybe you found yourself involved with a new project and are eager to be sparked with creativity, but can’t find the space to engage artistically? 

Hot off the press is this solution for you: bleisure—business leisure.

Santa Barbara local Kathy Leader of The Art Process, is helping to tackle office burnout with a variety of new creative experiences hosted at collaborative work spaces. She is committed to guiding others to creative breakthroughs with in-person art classes for remote business teams of any size (and she will set up all the supplies for you!) So whether or not you are the next Monet, Kathy is eager to bring fresh ideas to mind and new energy to your team as you engage in art. She operates out of the belief that creativity doesn’t stop when you put the paintbrush down. 

According to a study published by the Journal of Business Research, people who engage their mind creatively and are open to experiencing expressions of art are more likely to generate fresh ideas and solutions. In other words, it was confirmed that participating in an art form does correlate with creative engagement in other disciplines. Simply put, pull out the crayons!

Workzones is excited to partner with The Art Process and businesses coming into Santa Barbara to our shared coworking space for offsite experiences that are both memorable and encourage the flow of new creative ideas. We are set up to host groups of all sizes in the heart of Santa Barbara at our best shared office space! So whether you are a local needing a break from Zoom or visiting with a business team, Kathy and our team at Workzones are ready to open the paints and make you feel comfortable. And there you have it— bleisure!

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