Two people working together

3 Ways to Network in a Coworking Space

    Professionals who decide to conduct business in a coworking space have the unique opportunity to make organic, long-lasting partnerships with like-minded individuals. This is because the coworking space acts as [...]
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    Coffee cup on table

    The Benefits of a Shared Work Space

      Are you looking for a new way to work? Try coworking! WORKZONES offers shared office space in Santa Barbara. Entrepreneurs, lawyers, designers, freelancers, and more use our shared workspace every [...]
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      Person working on laptop below workzones sign

      Coworking versus Traditional Office Setting

        Choosing the right workspace for your business is one of the most important decisions that business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals have to make. Traditional office spaces have long-term leases [...]
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        Workzones front entrance

        Stand while you work!

          Are you sitting too much? Try standing while you do your work!   Studies show that chronic, prolonged sitting is bad for your health. Modern life is, unfortunately, conducive to [...]
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          Tables with dividers in the center

          8 Reasons to Consider a Coworking Space

            As more and more professionals are happily switching from traditional workplace arrangements to working remotely--they're discovering the unhappy reality that there are precious few places to go to actually get [...]
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