Bringing Diversity To The Workplace

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When we think of diversity, the first things that come to mind are age, gender, and race. However, creating a diverse workplace isn’t just hiring people with different cultural or economic backgrounds. It also includes hiring employees with varying talents, experiences, and workstyles.

3 Facts About Diversity


1. Diverse Management Teams Have 19% Higher Revenues

A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group found that management teams with above-average diversity had 19% higher revenues. Why? Because of their increased innovation. Each member of a diverse team can approach a problem from a different angle, and because of the nature of the team, outside-the-box ideas carry more weight. This gives the team more options in terms of finding a solution, and it makes the company more likely to allocate resources toward new approaches.

2. 83% Of Millennials Are More Actively Engaged In Companies With An Inclusive Culture

Millennials are a digitally connected, socially-minded group, and as such, they’re especially strong believers in making the workplace authentic and inclusive. According to Deloitte University, millennials are more actively engaged in their companies when they believe that the company promotes an inclusive culture. Since 75% of the workforce is projected to be made up of millennials by 2025, it’s important for organizations to create an environment that enhances their business performance.

3. 57% Of Employees Believe That Their Company Should Be More Diverse

Diversity doesn’t just spur innovation – it makes the workplace more enjoyable. In an office setting, you’re surrounded by the same people day after day. While it’s nice to connect with individuals who are similar to you, if all your coworkers are just like you, then the workday can start feeling bland. Glassdoor conducted a survey in which they found that 57% of employees thought that their company should be doing more to increase diversity in their workplace.

How Companies Can Use Coworking To Promote Diversity


1. Recruit In Different Geographical Locations

As we can see, diversity is important for company growth. But what can you do to bring diversity into your workforce? Many large companies have answered the question by utilizing coworking spaces. Coworking office spaces allow organizations to recruit from different geographical locations while still having an office for their remote workers. By expanding their search beyond the corporate office, companies can be intentional about finding employees with varying backgrounds.

2. Eliminate Appearance-Based Discrimination

Several employers have reported that an employee candidate’s physical appearance influences their hiring decisions. In fact, only 15% of employers have said that they would consider hiring a female candidate who doesn’t smile. The problem is, an applicant with a more pleasant physical appearance may not produce the same quality of work as an individual who is considered less attractive. When companies decide to hire remotely, they are more apt to focus on an individual’s output when they work from a coworking space rather than on their appearance.

3. Promote A Flexible, Inclusive Culture

It’s no secret that individuals are drawn to flexible work environments. An Indeed survey found that 47% of employees consider remote work an important factor in choosing a job. Allowing employees to work remotely or in a coworking office space is a great way to create a flexible work environment. What’s more important is that having a flexible office space can help companies attract new talent. Initiating a flexible work environment shows candidates that you are open to varying workstyles which, in turn, shows that your organization desires a diverse workforce.

Improve Diversity In Your Company By Utilizing Remote Employees

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