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The Benefits of a Shared Work Space

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Are you looking for a new way to work? Try co-working! WORKZONES offers shared office space in Santa Barbara. Entrepreneurs, lawyers, designers, freelancers, and more use our shared workspace every day. If you’re tired of expensive office space, noisy coffee shops and working from home – we have the space for you!

Why Work At WORKZONES Vs. A Private Office Space?

It’s becoming more noticeable that people want to spend more time meeting others than solely working alone. Working in isolation can be beneficial at times but as humans we need social interactions to really thrive in an environment. Wellness Trends for 2018 include less screen time (Mind Body Green). It’s become apparent that millennials crave in-person connections and understand that in order to cultivate mindful relationships that they need in order to thrive both personally and professionally.

This means taking the necessary time to put their smart phones down and focus their attention on the people around them. In a co-working space professionals are able to get work done in a space that thrives on fostering relationships and new ideas. When surrounded by passionate and like-minded individuals, professionals can embrace that energy and put it into the work they are doing.

At WORKZONES it isn’t just about providing our members with a great shared office space in Santa Barbara. It’s about providing members with a workspace close to them, where they can be productive, innovative and collaborative while surrounded by others who are just as passionate about their work. Whether you need a desk, a meeting room or a private office space, our shared workspace can provide you with all of the things that you need to get the work you need done (and maybe even get a head start on that passion project you’ve been putting off!).

Not only are you surrounded by like-minded people but at a shared office space you basically get all of the perks of having your own workspace without the high costs that are associated with leases. Our members receive free coffee and tea, Wi-Fi, multiple outlets throughout the facility, guest passes printing and scanning options, as well as discounts on private meeting rooms and co-working day passes.

With choices designed to fit the specific needs of independent and self-employed professionals, WORKZONES has the perfect office solution for just about everyone.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Co-Working Today!

Come check out our space with a day pass and see how you can find your perfect workspace at WORKZONES. Our shared office space is located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. WORKZONES includes many private rooms and independent tasks, as well as a workspace that is collaborative with communal tables and shared workspace. We invite you to come down to WORKZONES and give co-working a chance!

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour for yourself!

Downtown Santa Barbara Co-Working Space

Co-Working versus Traditional Office Setting

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Choosing the right workspace for your business is one of the most important decisions that business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals have to make. Traditional office spaces have long-term leases with a big price tag and working in a coffee shop 7 days a week can surely add up. Why not try something new? Forget office leases, working from home and cafe squatting. Allow yourself to try a new kind of workspace – surrounded by like-minded individuals who are ready to experience the new way of getting work done.

Why Should You Give Co-Working A Try?

Finding the right space that fits can be a daunting task. For many professionals, the price can be a concern when it comes to traditional office settings. No one wants to get buried by a high-priced lease or locked into a contract in an office space they don’t love. At our downtown Santa Barbara co-working space, we offer private offices, event areas and more – that’s everything you need at one low price all in one convenient space.

Experience something different every time you walk into the office. Looking for a private desk? Done. Want to collaborate with others at a communal table? Need to conduct an important meeting or interview? Meeting rooms are available by the hour. Like we said, co-working spaces offer a little bit of something for everyone.

With the traditional office, you pay for operating/overhead costs associated with the business, which can add up to some hefty bills for your business. Instead, at a co-working space, you can put those costs towards a membership fee and pay for the costs that are important to your needs like parking spots, a stocked coffee supply, pay as you go meeting rooms and more.

The co-working industry was born out of the need for today’s workforce to choose how and when they want to work. Our co-working space offers month-to-month memberships instead of an office lease which allows you to you to work here when you want, whether it’s for six months or six years – the choice is up to you.

Why Co-Working at WORKZONES

With choices designed to fit the specific needs of independent and self-employed professionals, WORKZONES has the perfect office solution for just about everyone. Members of our co-working community can feed off of the vibe of positive energy throughout our space which can ignite passion and important networking opportunities. Grab a cup of coffee with a member who is trying to get their startup off the ground or share a table with a budding freelancer. Our community is made up of individuals who understand the importance of getting their work done in a space that’s all their own.

WORKZONEs offers fast and reliable WIFI so your work is never interrupted due to internet outages. Unlimited premium tea and coffee from Peet’s and Kona – we offer the good stuff to keep you in the zone when working on that huge project. Our open work area contains a variety of seating options depending on what type of workday you’d like to have and you’ll never be far from an outlet when you’re at our co-working space.

Looking for the perfect space to help your business flourish? Bring your creativity and new ideas to WORKZONES! Schedule a tour at WORKZONES today and experience the benefits of co-working in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.


Stand while you work!

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Are you sitting too much? Try standing while you do your work!


standing desk at workzones

workzones member Joe Strandell standing while he works!

Studies show that chronic, prolonged sitting is bad for your health.

Modern life is, unfortunately, conducive to sitting; we sit to commute, we sit at computers, at meetings, at home, to eat. Most adults in North America sit for 9 to 10 hours a day!

When you sit for long periods of time, your circulation is constricted, your metabolism slows, your muscles stop, and tissue tightens; basically your engine is set to neutral.

Even if you exercise, a sedentary lifestyle is linked to health conditions that will ultimately shorten your life span. Working out for one hour a day but then sitting for the remainder is counter-productive.

Findings support the idea that strategies to increase the amount of time spent standing (or walking) rather than sitting may benefit both the heart and metabolism.


Fear not, co-workers, workzones has at least one solution to this workspace problem: a newly installed standing desk.


workzones member Seinn standing while he works!

Try it out and let us know how you like it!

Other tips for breaking up periods of sitting:

  • sneak regular movement breaks by going on errands, walking around, grabbing a snack
  • walk and talk: when you take a phone call, stand up or take a stroll
  • brainstorm and plan while standing up: use a whiteboard or flipchart instead of a pad of paper
  • sit on an exercise ball, not a chair

If our lovely coffee machine doesn’t have you racing towards it every few hours, we also suggest setting an alarm to remind you to GET UP! Ergonomists recommend that sitting be broken up by periodic standing and moving throughout one’s day. Ideally, you should walk around for three minutes every half hour.

Go set those alerts now and we will see you on your next movement break!


Workzones Celebrates International Co-Working Week with Free Offers for Local Business Community

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Santa Barbara’s newest office concept, workzones, offers contemporary careerists a chance to join it in recognizing the International Co-Working Week through Saturday. The local business encompasses the spirit of working together year-round with its shared workspace services, but for this week only it is offering the community a chance to try workzones for free.

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Santa Barbara welcomes new office concept with workzones

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Want to work downtown? Join the club. Paseo Nuevo is now home to Santa Barbara’s first co-working club. The central location is the ideal venue for workzones, a new member-based shared workplace for work-from-home professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners. The club recently leased 4,927 sf of office space on the second floor of 351 Paseo Nuevo.

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