Coworking Spaces Like Workzones Are the Answer to Your Temporary Office Space Needs

“Work from home” has become the new reality for many people as businesses needed to protect their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As sectors are opening up, many businesses are rethinking their work from home strategy. According to the June 2020 Gensler US Work From Home Study,, only 12% surveyed wanted to work exclusively from home.

With the majority of people wanting to return to the office, they do expect that there will be:

  • more space,
  • less desk sharing
  • increased support for mobile and virtual work.

While an employee’s company may be reconfiguring desks and cubicles, Workzones can provide temporary office space that already adheres to proper social distancing.

When asked about the most important reasons to come into the office, respondents overwhelmingly chose activities focused on people and community, including scheduled meetings, socializing, and face-to-face time. Finding a conference room large enough for social distancing that allows employees to reconnect with each other may not be feasible in your current physical space – which is a great reason to make an hourly office reservation at Workzones.

Having a balance of working from home with going to the office is ideal for most people. Workzones is an enhancement to the home office and easy-to-use with no long-term leases and hourly options. Our 15,000 square foot space has already been de-densified (we’ve spread out work spaces) for social distancing and has multiple meeting rooms, conference rooms, private offices and open seating arrangements with cleaning and sanitization protocols in place to keep your employees safe.

And for remote workers who need the extra motivation that comes from working alongside others, we offer private offices by the hour, day or month. Walk in and spend a few hours or the day with the optimal conditions for productivity. We provide fast and secure Wifi, a variety of different work stations that are all socially distanced from others…and we are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, so it’s easy to get outside and enjoy a beverage or meal.

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