Distracted By Working From Home? Change Your Workspace

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Are you someone who has been working from a non-traditional office setting? You may be running your business from home, requiring you to balance distractions such as children, pets, and house chores, all while also managing your workload. With all these distractions and other tasks waiting to be complete, trying to maintain a professional environment in your own home can be tiring. Inviting a client into your house would seem unprofessional, and other disturbances would make taking a conference call just as difficult. If you are looking for an environment that combines work-from-home flexibility and office-setting professionalism, Workzones is the perfect Santa Barbara workspace for you!

Professional Environment. Flexible Hours. No Distractions.

At Workzones, our facility provides professionals from different industries a common workspace to complete projects, network, and share ideas. This new concept is called coworking, and it has benefitted many of the professionals that take advantage of our flexible space. Our fully furnished coworking space is designed like a cafe and is full of like-minded professionals who exchange ideas that can benefit their careers.

Our coworking space, also called the HOMEZONE, gives professionals a work-from-home feel with flexible coworking plans that allow you to work how you want, when you want. HOMEZONE memberships give professionals access to our ready-to-work space and amenities such as WiFi, printing, premium tea and coffee, and more. Member benefits also include discounts on all room hours and coworking day passes, special rates for interns, savings on optional mail service and storage, and a $79/month coworking team rate.

HOMEZONE, our monthly coworking plan has three options:

  • PLATINUM – $199 per month. This membership option includes 24/7 access with 50% off additional services (day rates, meeting room reservations, and mail).
  • GOLD – $159 per month. This plan includes access to our coworking space for 8 days and 33% off additional services.
  • SILVER – $79 per month. Members will receive access to our coworking space for 4 days and 25% off additional services.

Request A Tour!

Workzones is a friendly co-working space in Santa Barbara perfect for business professionals who want work-from-home flexibility as well as the traditional office feel. For more information about our co-working space, meeting rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, and more, call (805) 966-3722 and request a tour today!

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