JottsShotsLogoDorian Levy,

JottShots! CEO





Dorian Levy is the CEO and Founder of JottShots!. Before coming to beautiful Santa Barbara, Dorian lived and worked in New York City.  After many parties which featured messy and complicated jello shots, Dorian had his brilliant idea for prepackaged, Ready-To-Drink, alcoholic gel shots … thus beginning the era of jott shots.

At JottShots!, they believe that gel shots are the only product that most people know about, yet are not sold commercially. The company aims to reach two client “buckets”: (1) bars, clubs, liquor stores, restaurants (basically any retailer that serves alcohol to people wearing flip flops or sneakers) and (2) people who, as Dorian puts it, “would love to have a yummy gummy drink to lift the energy of their drinking experience.”

Dorian’s Santa Barbara-based company has grown since he began working at workzones in January of 2014 to include three other employees who handle Operations, Marketing, and Sales/Distribution. He also often reaches out to the community for people to help with production, promotional assistance, and more.

You’ll find Dorian and his jottshots at local clubs such as Tonic and EOS as well as various alcohol retailers.

Visit JottShots! website or connect with Dorian on LinkedIn.