How to Choose an Office Space

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Choosing an office space can be difficult – especially if you are trying to avoid signing a high-priced lease with a long-term agreement. If you have been working in a home office, balancing work and life duties may have been harder as many professionals are distracted by children, pets, etc., and working at a coffee shop isn’t an improvement. Coffee shops are often noisy with meetings, students, and other distractions. Finding the perfect workspace requires thought and consideration, plus where you work can have a direct impact on productivity and ultimately your business. Are you looking for a new office in Santa Barbara? Here are some things to consider!

1. Location

When looking for private office space for rent, location is important. Consider the area surrounding the workspace, such as making sure there is a parking lot within walking distance to the office. Furthermore, check out the types of businesses that are close by, and think about if there are places your team can go for lunch outings or post-work activities, which can help to encourage and foster relationships.

2. Budget

The price of your workspace is the next factor to consider. Choosing a private office for rent that does not fit into the initial budget could harm your finances and cause more stress than needed. Before even looking, make sure you know what price range you are aiming for. This will set you up for success in finding the perfect spot to grow your business.

3. Layout

Once you have implemented a budget, it’s time to consider how you want your work environment to be laid out. Different types of businesses have different preferences. Think about what type of layout could benefit you and your team the most. Do you want to be able to collaborate together or work alone on projects with limited interruptions? Is the space ideal to host an interview or meeting? All of these factors should be considered.

Private Office Rentals at WORKZONES

For individuals who are looking for a professional workspace, WORKZONES offers private offices for rent in Santa Barbara. Our OFFICEZONE plan offers members a fully furnished office, utilities, fast and secure Wi-Fi, mail, printing/scanning, kitchen and complimentary coffee/tea and access to our coworking space and hourly conference rooms. This allows members to enjoy the flexibility of coworking while having a private office that’s all their own – basically the best of both worlds. Want to work in an office space that is professional and provides limited distractions? WORKZONES has the perfect spot for you. Call (805) 966-3722 or contact us online today to learn more.

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