Invest In Your Team: Reasons Why You Should Schedule Team-Building Activities

People working together around table

No matter how big or small your company is, working as a team is a critical part of business success. Forbes claims that “team building is the most important investment you’ll make.” Here are some reasons why scheduling team-building activities should be at the top of your priority list.

1. It Teaches Your Team To Collaborate

86% of employees and executives believe that a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication are the reasons for failures in the workplace. Because communication and collaboration are critical to the success of the business, it’s important to create an environment where employees are willing to work together to accomplish a common goal. 

Team-building activities place employees in a fun environment where risk is taken away – no one is going to lose their job if they don’t solve a puzzle on time. This allows employees to let their guard down and openly share ideas that they might not share otherwise.

2. It Could Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

Business executives are always looking for ways to boost their employees’ productivity. Just think of how much time companies waste on unproductive meetings alone! According to Digital Chalk, 80% of learners say that they would be more productive if their work was more game-like. Think of it this way, in a game, characters are required to go through a series of challenges, and once those challenges are accomplished, they gain more skills, resources, and credits. There’s a clear progression in how the character grows and moves to the next round.

Translated in the workplace, employees want to feel like they are gaining something each time they accomplish a task. Business owners can create this environment for their employees, and it starts by helping the employees to recognize that their accomplishments are creating a ‘win’ for the team. Team bonding activities instill in professionals a sense of belonging, and in turn, inspire them to work hard to benefit the team. Each accomplishment will be seen as a team victory and will inspire your workers to pour time and effort into creating better products and services.

3. It Can Improve Company Morale

Team-building activities are fun opportunities to spend time with your coworkers. Whether you decide to book a special event venue or complete an obstacle course in the office, team-bonding activities give employees a chance to take a break from a long workday and have fun with the team. Employees return from team-building sessions feeling more valued, and in turn, more engaged. Keep in mind, companies with engaged employees make an average of 2.5x higher revenues than companies who have fewer engaged employees. This means that encouraging employee engagement can benefit your company both culturally and financially.

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