Santa Barbara

351 Paseo Nuevo, 2nd Floor Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 966-3722

Our Zones

Social Zones

The Social Zones include a “Cafe Zone” with seating similar to what you might find at a coffee house. If you don’t need a closed door, the Cafe Zone is a great place to meet with a small group. The area we call the “Collaboration Zone” is designed to encourage casual interaction with others–but you can also just slip on a headset (both ears covered) to signal you’re unavailable for conversation. There’s also a “Chill Zone” for those times when you want to get comfortable. There’s a big screen TV, a library and plenty of plugs to re-charge your laptop. While you’re in the Social Zones, if you need to make a brief call, you can use one of the “Privacy Booths” nearby the Kitchen.

  • Cafe Zone
  • Collaboration Zone
  • Chill Zone
  • Kitchen
  • Privacy Booth

Phone Zone

The other shared work area is called the Phone Zone and with, primarily, single person seating. There is a workbar, club chairs, and smaller tables with first-come first-serve setting. This area is for those who make phone calls throughout the day.

  • Workbar
  • Club chairs
  • Desks

Meeting Zones

Looking to create a more professional presence to host colleagues or clients? The Meeting Zones consist of a large “Boardroom” that comfortably sits 12; a “Training Room” and a set of 8 private rooms. With the exception of the Boardroom and two “lounge” style rooms, the layout can be re-configured to your specific needs.

Members that reserve a private office or meeting room can invite guests at no additional fee. The club’s staff will greet your guests in the reception area and alert you to their presence as part of your member services.

  • Boardroom
  • Training Room
  • Private Offices or small (2-4 person) Meeting Rooms

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