Meeting Rooms at Workzones: Everything you Need to Get Business Done

Board room with large table, chairs and TV

Working from home can be a fantastic change of pace from going into an office – no commuting, no getting dressed up – just a casual start to your days followed by a simplicity of being in the comfortable surroundings of home.

For day-to-day activities, more and more people (and companies) are discovering that working from home is a productive, viable alternative to the structure of the workplace. It can provide tremendous flexibility, and often increased employee engagement.

Sometimes, however, working from home just doesn’t cover what you need to get done. Sometimes, there is no replacement for the power of a group meeting – for being together, in one room, to get something done. There are other times when you might just need space to spread out, or to jump on fast, reliable wifi and video conference on a big screen.

That’s where meeting rooms at Workzones comes in.

Meeting rooms at Workzones are more than just a big room with a big, beautiful table and a group of exceptionally comfortable chairs.

Conference rooms at Workzones are available by the hour, and they are available to both Workzones members as well as to people who are not already members of the Workzones community. We offer special half and full-day rates as well.

In addition to being bright and comfortable, all our spacious meeting rooms and conference rooms provide ample room to properly social distance, and they all undergo a thorough disinfecting and cleaning procedure between each use – so you can rest assured that your workspace is as safe as it can possibly be for you and your coworkers.

Your Workzones Meeting Rooms come with many benefits to help you maximize your productivity and time.

When you rent a conference room, whether it’s for an hour or a day, you get everything that comes along with it to help you get the most out of your time with us – in addition to Workzones’ incredibly convenient location that puts you walking distance to restaurants and the vibrant State Street promenade, you can enjoy:

  • High speed wifi that supports every device 
  • Big screen HDTVs
  • Free coffee
  • Access to printers 
  • Workzones’ support staff expertise and assistance
  • White boards and pens
  • Conference phones
  • Free 75 min parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Hosted reception area to greet guests

Need a professional Meeting Room for an Hour or a Day?

We’re conveniently located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, and we’re ready to help you with the space and professional amenities you need.

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