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Christopher Daniel

From New York City, to Atlanta, and now Santa Barbara….meet Chris Daniel, an East Coast guy in a West Coast World.

Most of his work career has been spent in sales, personal training, and indoor hydroponic plant setups (plants and flowers have been a favorite pastime throughout the years) until 2017 when he received a tip about a niche market of digital currencies, aka Crypto Currencies.

Crypto currencies you may wonder?

They have a wide array of uses, generally transferred instantly as collateral peer to peer.

His workday activities include buying and selling the volatile digital coins but outside of work, he enjoys a healthy lifestyle of exercise, conversing with locals, keeping in touch with family and friends and eating West Indian food. His go-to dessert is a warm almond crusted apple pie topped with room temp vanilla ice cream. YUM!

Check out his short tutorial on how to analyze the market & read candles!

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