Christopher Darling
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Christopher Darling

Entertainment Logistics Coordinator

Christopher Darling has been a full-time member since January, 2014. He is an Entertainment Logistics Coordinator serving worldwide concert touring artists such as Adele, Beyonce, Jay Z, Maroon 5, Tiesto, and Zedd. He also coordinates sports, Broadway, television, and family events like the Association of Volleyball Professionals, Riverdance, Conan O’Brien, and Ya Gabba Gabba.

After university, Christopher worked for the Detroit Pistons (during the Bad Boys era) and the Oakland Athletics (Bash Brothers era). After watching the Pistons’ traveling secretary and the A’s marketing director, he was amazed with the logistics of the players and the way sports and music were marketed.

Christopher says, “Not only did I see other sporting events, I saw concert productions move into the venue at the crack of dawn, and after the artists performed, everything was packed up and rolled out of town shortly after midnight. As quickly as they appeared, they were gone. The movement of the sound, light and video equipment, the road crew and the bands fascinated me. I created a niche and here I am 25 years later. Sometimes things come second nature, some days it is a new opportunity. I still get a rush like I am on the trading room floor.”

His tours frequently come into town and perform at various local venues, such as the Santa Barbara Bowl, the Arlington Theater, and the Granada Theater.

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