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Corena Bahr


Corena Bahr is the owner of Corena Bahr Consulting and joined the workzones community in 2013. She is an expert in webinar course design and production. As the original training specialist and tech writer for Citrix’s GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, Corena developed highly interactive learning experiences for customers and was dubbed “the webinar guru.” With the introduction of webinar technology, service professionals everywhere wanted to provide professional webinar courses but did not know how to create an interactive virtual learning experience that is uniquely different than delivering a one-way marketing webinar. Corena’s consulting services help experts take advantage of their know-how and turn it into highly profitable webinar courses that are an important service add-on and a valuable asset to any marketing strategy.

In her spare time, Corena enjoys walking along Haskell’s Beach in Santa Barbara, looking for treasure. She also wishes cupcakes were part of the official food pyramid. Crushcakes is one of her favorite lunch spots in town.

Find Corena on LinkedIn and visit her website to learn more about how Corena Bahr Consulting can provide an engaging webinar experience.

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