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Joe Strandell


Joe Strandell has been with workzones in Santa Barbara since November of 2014. Since then, Joe has started and grown the podcast, The Joe Strandell Show. It is a podcast where he interviews mostly local entrepreneurs who are “Thrivers.”

The episodes are up to an hour long and discuss how the high performer started his or her business, product, or service. Some describe it as a “local version of the Tim Ferriss show.” The conversation usually involves books, routines, and lessons learned along the way. This program serves as “sexy educational entertainment” for the community.

Before starting The Joe Strandell Show, Joe lived in Orange County and had marketing mentors who taught him the power of email, social media, blogs, et cetera. Since moving to Santa Barbara, he has branched out using what he learned.

During his downtime, you can find Joe enjoying a nice meal, hosting “slumber parties,” attending movie night, listening to KCRW, walking on the beach, or drinking coffee at the French Press. Joe is also a left-handed, guitarist, and singer!

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