LOACOM team members
Meet the member

David Forston, Eric Cardenas, Riley Hubbell, Elizabeth Davidson, Jesse Swanhuyser

LOACOM has been a corporate member of workzones since the very beginning!

The company is a marketing and communications agency that focuses on projects and clients working to make the world better. The Loa team (comprised of David Fortson, Eric Cardenas, Riley Hubbell, Elizabeth Davidson, and Jesse Swanhuyser) works toward protecting the environment, building the community, and making a better world.

For over a decade, CEO Dave Fortson worked in the nonprofit sector, then moved on to government work, and then left it all to work for Sonos Inc. While still at Sonos, he started LOA.

Clients include major foundations, nonprofits, companies, and universities in the southern California region. They are beginning to branch out around California and the west as well.

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