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New Ways to Work Productively in Flexible Workspaces

By May 22, 2020July 2nd, 2020Blog
Find Out the Possibilities of a New Work Environment at Workzones

Health, Safety and Tremendous Productivity Are All Possible Thanks to Flexible Workspaces

There are a lot of things that are unprecedented about the times we live in today – from stay-at-home orders, to oil hitting its lowest points ever, to a global pandemic. Nonetheless, the global economy must remain productive in order for all businesses to survive and continue to grow. 

A recent study by Masayuki Morikawa during the Covid-19 era found that employee productivity when people work at home is far less than that when they are in the office. A few factors that lead to this are:

  1. A lack of familiarity with online technology,
  2. Struggling with efficient communication between co-workers, and 
  3. The fact that most homes are unequipped for an adequate working environment 

The Right Tools and Technology Can Help Your Professional Productivity

Employees will eventually learn how to use the technology. However, efficient communication and inadequate workspaces cannot be solved via teleworking. A study by Swantje Robeleski et.al., (2019), shows how the issues above may lead to mental stressors and also provides an answer to these concerns. One of the primary solutions is coworking spaces – like those provided by Workzones. 

Coworking spaces are found to be a much more effective and efficient location for remote employees to get their work done. Lucky for you, Workzones in downtown Santa Barbara offers temporary office space and meeting rooms to rent by the hour, day, or month. 

In addition, we have a community coworking area that allows you to access a comfortable workspace while retaining social distancing! You can contact Workzones through our website or give us a call at (805) 966-3722. 

We look forward to ensuring you a safe and productive environment, following the latest CDC guidelines