Our Story

Husband and wife team, Kirk Peacock and Pam Tanase, and their longtime friends, Mike Franco and Lisa Riolo, were all self-employed professionals with home offices. One day over lunch, they started discussing how much they liked working from home, but agreed certain things were missing that prevented their respective situations from being nearly perfect.

A solution didn’t exist, so the group decided to create it. A year of comprehensive research, planning and design later the first workzones was launched in Santa Barbara, California.

working from home vs. coworking

Pam Tanase

Pam likes the flexibility of working from home but wanted fewer distractions.

Since opening workzones, Pam’s colleagues no longer hear her barking dog (or the refrigerator door) during conference calls.

Mike Franco

Mike missed the energy and social interaction (but not the drama) he once had in a corporate environment.

Through workzones, Mike now enjoys the energy and vibe of working independently around others. Plus, he’s made many valuable new business contacts.

Lisa Riolo

Lisa needed a better place for meetings than the local coffee shops.

Lisa and her guests still drink great coffee, but now her meetings are held at workzones in a professional setting with enough chairs, a big (clean) table and a door to close.

Kirk Peacock

Kirk wanted a reason to get out of his pajamas and up from his desk before working “10 hours straight with no breaks.”

Kirk has reclaimed his wardrobe and established a balanced weekly routine that includes several in-person meetings at workzones.