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3 Ways Co-Working Promotes Focused Work

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Focused Work

For executives who have decided not to work in a traditional office setting, sometimes it can be difficult to focus on work. Home offices make balancing work and life duties difficult as professionals are distracted by children, pets, etc., and coffee shops are bustling with individuals meeting for social outings, loud college students, and the like. If you’re an executive or manager who wants to work without distractions while still having a flexible schedule, WORKZONES has the space for you. Here are 3 ways WORKZONES’ co-working space can help you to focus while at work:

1. Designated Workspace

Working from home can be difficult because being in your living space makes it harder to separate your work and home life. It’s important for professionals to work away from their home so that they can stay productive and motivated. When individuals work in a co-working space, they have an area designated to work while still having the flexibility they love. Having a designated workspace increases your focus during the day as the environment allows you to jump right into the day’s tasks.

2. Fewer Interruptions

Executives who work from home often have difficulty creating boundaries between their work and home life as their children or roommates frequent the room or they’re distracted by the errands they need to run. In co-working spaces like WORKZONES, you are able to work with limited interruptions as the space is filled with other professionals who are trying to focus on their work as well.

3. Community

One nice aspect of the traditional office setting is the sense of community you get from working with other individuals. With co-working, you can still experience that community while experiencing work-from-home benefits. When you walk into a co-working space, there are other people like you who are motivated to do their work and do it well. Plus, co-working gives you the option to connect with other executives and managers.

Finding Your Workspace

Dedicate time and attention to yourself by getting out of your normal work setting! Co-working is the perfect solution for executives to really focus on their work while still keeping the hours they prefer. At WORKZONES, we offer a premier co-working space in the heart of Santa Barbara that has the amenities and flexibility you need to get the job done. For more information about our co-working space call (805) 966-3722 and request a tour today!

5 Benefits of Co-Working

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Work Together

As of now, there are over 35 million individuals who have decided not to work in a traditional office setting. These individuals have found their new workspaces at home, in coffee shops, and in co-working spaces. Of these workplace settings, co-working provides the best environment for those looking for a non-traditional office space. Here are 5 benefits of co-working that you’ll want to consider when looking for your ideal workspace:

1. Flexibility

It is not uncommon for individuals to choose to work in a non-traditional office setting because they want to have a more flexible schedule. However, working from home can be distracting, and working in a coffee shop can feel unprofessional. With co-working, you can keep the work-from-home flexibility while still enjoying the professional benefits of working in a traditional office.

2. Community

Co-working gives you the opportunity to work in a social setting while still having the privacy and independence to get your work done. Think of it like getting your work done in a coffee shop while being surrounded by like-minded professionals who are also looking to further their careers. While at WORKZONES you can still choose to work in one of our private offices in Santa Barbara, you have access to our co-working space and the opportunity to chat with the other members, get ideas for new products, and generally enjoy a community of like-minded individuals.

3. Networking

The perfect networking opportunity, co-working spaces such as WORKZONES give professionals from different industries the opportunity to work alongside one another. Working in the same professional office space as people from different industries gives you access to potential clients, partnerships, focus groups, and friends. At WORKZONES, we offer member mixers to give our members more networking opportunities.

4. Creativity

As mentioned before, co-working allows you to enjoy community while working and increases your networking opportunities. What’s better is that, when you work in a community and network, the act of collaborating with like-minded professionals allows you to experience different ways of thinking. Being exposed to these other perspectives trains you to be more open to various problem-solving methods which, in turn, boost your creativity.

5. Productivity

When opportunities for collaboration and creativity increase, the act of working with people who have different skill sets and engaging in creative thinking allows you to be more productive. This is because you are able to pull inspiration from your environment and use that inspiration when creating new products or improving the products you already have. If you’re the type of person who needs a private space to work and also enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with others, WORKZONES offers private offices spaces for rent so that you can get the social and individual time you need to get your work done.

Schedule a Tour Today

If you’re interested in making WORKZONES co-working space your workspace, schedule a tour today or call (805) 966-3722. We look forward to seeing you!

3 Ways to Network in a Co-working Space

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Networking and Co-Working

Professionals who decide to conduct business in a co-working space have the unique opportunity to make organic, long-lasting partnerships with like-minded individuals. This is because the co-working space acts as a shared networking space in which professionals from varying industries can connect and collaborate. Not sure how to make the most out of your networking experience at WORKZONES? No worries! Here are 3 great ways to network in a co-working and shared office space.

1. Share Your Expertise

While you may not want to tell another professional everything you know about the industry, it’s important to offer your expertise when asked. By helping another individual, you can make an invaluable connection that can help you later in your career.

2. Ask for Feedback

Imagine that you’re working on a new product and you want to know how marketable your product really is. Because you’re in a co-working space, you can ask the other professionals at WORKZONES what they think about your product. The trick here is to listen to what they have to say. Even if you disagree with the other individual, everyone likes to feel as though you care about their opinion.

3. Check Out WORKZONES Member Mixers

Every month, WORKZONES hosts member mixers. These monthly member mixers give entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara the space to hold trainings, educational seminars, and workshops. The events are free to attend. All you have to do is be ready to network with other professionals.

Schedule a Tour Today

WORKZONES gives professionals in Santa Barbara the opportunity to network in our co-working space. With co-working events and a shared networking space, WORKZONES is the perfect place to meet others in your field and to grow in your industry. If you’re interested in checking out WORKZONES, schedule a tour today! If you have additional questions about our networking opportunities, call us at 805-966-3722.

Make The Leap From Working At Home Or In A Coffee Shop To Co-Working

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Co-Working Space

If you’re one of the many professionals who have opted out of working in a traditional office setting, then you may be running your business from a home office or a coffee shop. Unfortunately, home offices make balancing work and life duties difficult as professionals are distracted by children, pets, etc.; and working from a coffee shop isn’t much better. Coffee shops are bustling with individuals meeting for social outings, loud college students, and the like. Inviting a client to one of these locations would seem unprofessional, and taking a conference call would be difficult because of all the distractions. If you’re looking for work-from-home flexibility mixed with office-setting professionalism, WORKZONES is the perfect location for you!

Flexible Hours. Professional Location.

At WORKZONES, we offer a new office concept called co-working. Co-working provides professionals from different industries with a common workspace to complete projects, network, and share ideas. Our fully furnished co-working space is set up like a cafe. However, unlike a cafe, our space is filled with professionals who exchange ideas in order to further their careers.

To give you the work-from-home feel, WORKZONES offers flexible co-working plans that allow you to work how you want, when you want. These plans are called our HOMEZONE memberships. HOMEZONE memberships give professionals access to our ready-to-work space and co-working amenities.


Professionals have two options when it comes to our HOMEZONE memberships: HOMEZONE and HOMEZONE Plus.

  • HOMEZONE  – For less than $5 per day, members receive unlimited access to our premier co-working space in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.
  • HOMEZONE Plus – Members receive unlimited access to our premier co-working space, and for an additional $2.50 per day, members can add another person to their co-working plan.

Your Workspace

WORKZONES budget-friendly co-working space is perfect for professionals who want the work-from-home flexibility as well as the traditional office feel. For more information about our co-working space, meeting rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, and more, call (805) 966-3722 and request a tour today!

Co-working Defined

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Co-working is working independently in a shared work space. It differs from the typical office environment because the people are usually self-employed or remote workers. Co-working facilities also attract professionals that have home offices or travel a lot, and are seeking to improve their productivity.

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