workzones Rules & Policies

RULES: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, to ask a Member to leave if he or she is violating any Rule, Regulation or Policy, and to exclude any Guest or Visitor in our sole and absolute discretion.  Members and their Guests/Visitors all must be at least 18 years old. You promise to adhere to The Golden Rule! You will treat others as you would like to be treated. You’ll behave honestly, ethically and with integrity. You will show proper care of equipment, clean up after yourself, and be respectful of other Members, Guests, Visitors, Staff and Neighbors. You will be considerate. Basically, workzones expects all Members, Guests and Visitors to maintain an ethic of reciprocity. The Do Not Disturb Rule. If a Member, Guest or Visitor is in one of the shared, social zones and wearing a headset or buds in both ears, the person prefers *not* to be disturbed.  If only one ear is plugged, you can approach the person, but should keep the interaction brief and to the point.  Both ears free? Let the conversation begin! It is inappropriate to use workzones for the primary purpose of selling your products or services to other Members, Guests and Visitors. The Rules may sometimes change. You’re responsible for regularly checking your online account or our website for updates to the rules. We will do our best to communicate all important changes based on your communication preferences in your online account but all changes are effective regardless of whether you receive actual notice.

POLICIES: Club Hours: The club is only open and available for use during posted “staffed” hours. Any requests for scheduling access during other times will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may require the payment of additional fees including but not limited to the cost of having Staff on-site. Guest Policy: Guests and Visitors must register at the front desk upon entry and be accompanied by a Member throughout their visit. Members are allowed to have guests accompany them free of additional charges when office, training room or conference room hours have been reserved and associated fees paid; and only during staffed hours of operation. Guests may be asked to provide valid identification and should allow time for registration at the front desk. Guests must comply with all club rules, regulations, policies, procedures, conditions, and provisions. Members are responsible for the actions of their Guests. Cameras and Cell Phones:  Members, Guests and Visitors shall obtain permission before taking photos or videos in any form within the workzones facility, including but not limited to the use of cameras and phones. Cell phones must have audible ringers turned off. Members, Guests and Visitors must make every effort to minimize the impact of their cell phone use while in the public zones and use either phone booths or paid, private meeting zones. Loud talking may result in loss of cell phone use and/or membership, at the sole discretion of management. Food & Drink: You are encouraged to take regular breaks, including for meals and refreshment. A meal is a great reason to get up, stretch and leave the club. Our club location was chosen, in part, for its close proximity to local restaurants. If you prefer to stay in the club to eat do not impose the scents and sounds of your meal onto others!  Also, please note that workzones kitchens are equipped for drinks, not food. There are no small appliances (e.g. a microwave or toaster oven) to help with food preparation. All items in the refrigerator are discarded daily, without exception, by the staff. Pets: No Pets (service animals excluded) in or around the facilities. Members, Guests and Visitors should not leave dogs unattended outside. Bikes: Bikes are restricted to bike racks only. Please do not bring bikes inside. Surveillance and Security:  Be advised that this facility is under surveillance 24 hours a day. Realize that records, data and videos of Members, Guests or Visitors access or use of the facility may be retained by workzones and/or its agents for scrutiny. Members, Guests and Visitors are responsible for operation of panic alarms and agree to use them only in case of emergency. Member Obligations:  You shall not be relieved of the obligation to make payments agreed to and no deduction from any payment shall be made because of your failure to use the workzones facilities.   It is your responsibility to promptly update any changes in contact information (including but not limited to e-mail, address and telephone) and billing information in your workzones online member account. Cancellations:  Month-to-Month membership cancellations must be done online at least 48 hours prior to the next scheduled EFT payment. Memberships of greater duration must be cancelled no less than thirty (30) days prior to the renewal date.  No refund of dues will be made if you cancel your membership after the cancellation deadline. Refunds: Should a billing error occur workzones will provide a refund on presentation of authoritative WRITTEN proof of error (e.g., an emailed receipt of cancellation showing the membership was cancelled within the required notification period.) It is your responsibility to retain records of payments and cancellations; workzones does not save them for you. Unless otherwise stated, any approved refund will be made within fifteen (15) business days from the date of request. Gifts: If you purchase a membership for another person, you shall indemnify workzones as specified in the indemnity provisions below for that person’s activities. In addition, the Member must sign and agree to all provisions of the membership, including the Member Agreement. Prohibited Conduct: No smoking, gambling, weapons, illegal drug use, or unsanctioned alcoholic beverages are permitted in any workzones facility.