Santa Barbara Coworking

If you’re one of the 35 million professionals that no longer works in a traditional office setting — you should know about the benefits of coworking.

workzones Santa Barbara mission

No more distractions.   No more stir crazy.   No more café squatting.

Working independently while around others is motivating.
It’s like the energy you get at a health club instead of exercising alone.
Try coworking and you’ll discover that you get more accomplished in less time – which turns the promise of a ‘work-from-home’ situation into a really great (and flexible) lifestyle.

Our Santa Barbara Coworking Clubs feature a set of “zones” each with unique characteristics — from social to private – that support the routines and needs of business people.

And, because you’re coworking, it’s easy to connect with the powerful and dynamic workzones community. You’ll meet entrepreneurs, freelancers, executives and more.

Be collaborative and social, or just nod your hellos and get right to that To Do list.

Whatever your preference – the presence of others will inspire you to get to work.

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