Santa Barbara Off-site Meeting Space – How to use an off-site meeting and event to connect with your team, break through barriers, and more

Woman about to swing on trapeze

Written by: Delaney Anderson

Leap into this year with new plans to spark team creativity and connections 

More and more research is surfacing about the effects of remote jobs and the experience of working entirely from home on individual professionals and the overall culture of their companies in recent years. It is evident that creating a cooperative and bonded team capable of doing strategic and cross-departmental work is no easy task with a lack of physical proximity. 

According to Harvard Business Review, time together in the workplace “reinforces the sense that you share a common mission.” It “enables moments of serendipity,” and avoids the “phenomenon of zoom fatigue.” Time together is an opportunity to increase productivity and creativity. But sometimes creating a dynamic team takes further intentionality then just being physically together. It takes an uncomfortable experience to encourage a deeper bond and stimulate breakthrough. No matter the size, demographic, or challenge of any given team, it is crucial to devote time, away from the typical routine, to grow appreciation among employees and develop connections for future collaboration. 

To spark some ideas of your own, we want to suggest a plan to do just that: 

Take a morning Trapeze Lesson downtown Santa Barbara. This experience is a journey sure to require courage and mutual support. From there bring the team to the table to share a catered meal to reminisce and laugh over the leap of trapeze. Finish the day with a debrief and time of connection at Workzones where you can set an intention to channel the newfound bond and energy into the mission of your work. Here you will be in a comfortable place to facilitate focus and productivity while tackling strategic and deeper challenges. 

It is time for a break from zoom, from productivity blocks, from stifled dreaming, and from tainted team ambition. We want to help your team gather together with intentionality and leap into company growth.

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