Simple Cost/Benefit Analysis of Coworking

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Article by Aaron Velasquez

Joining a Coworking Space is Cost Effective

We are two years into COVID, the economy has been flipped on its head, and the work environment will never be the same. You’ve probably been working at home with the occasional trip to the coffee shop or park when you’re feeling adventurous or just need to get out of the house. Maybe you enjoyed working at home for a few months or years, but eventually you realized it’s not quite sustainable; it’s time for something to change.

Let’s cut straight to it and look at the simple cost/benefit analysis of your three basic options:

Stay at home: This may seem like the cheapest option, but let’s factor in some reality. With tons of distractions, from a rowdy, slightly annoyed and slightly annoying family to constant house chores, many have found that working at home just isn’t as productive as being in an office. Every time you  get distracted, even just for a quick minute, you spend more time getting back in the groove; and the more time you spend distracted from work, the less efficient you are, and the more time you’ll spend at your desk. Even though you’re at home all day, you end up with less time to actually enjoy your time at home. And on top of the distractions, you’ll also have to deal with spotty wifi, limited office supply access, and a lack of community.

Get your own office: If you’re ready to get out of the house and find your own space, this is probably your first thought. But even if you can find an affordable space, which is easier said than done, there are a myriad of other costs that come with renting your own office space. First off, you’ll most likely get roped into a long-term commitment, which given the constant turbulence of the economy, is a risky investment. Secondly, on top of paying rent, you will still have to furnish the office with a desk, chair, printer, coffee machine, and fridge, get reliable wifi, and pay utilities. Add all this up and renting your own office space probably isn’t the most financially nor logistically feasible option.

Join a coworking club:  Now of course the guy writing the Workzones blog is going to recommend a coworking membership, but hear me out. For just $199 a month, a third if not a quarter of what you’ll pay renting your own office space, you can get a coworking membership at Workzones. With this, you get a distraction free work-environment in the heart of downtown, a clean, open desk, reliable wifi, two kitchenettes with coffee machines and filtered water, a fridge, and microwave, printer/copier accessibility, a community of like-minded individuals, and a stellar front desk receptionist. And if you’re an odd-hour-worker, slap on an extra $99 and we’ll get you a key fob for 24/7 access to the space.

$299 for a fully furnished, ready-to-go-anytime office is cheaper than any comparable deal you can find

Further, our space has four meeting rooms, a board room, a conference room, and a training room to host whatever sized work-gathering you need. On top of all that, agreements are flexible and low commitment so you only pay for what you need, when you need it. And if you’re worried about child-care, our space is now family friendly.

Think about it; just $299 for a fully furnished, ready-to-go-anytime office is cheaper than any comparable deal you can find on craigslist and will save you on therapy bills when your partner can’t stand you in the house any longer.

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