Support Hybrid and Remote Workers with Home Office Tips and Coworking Center Access

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How to Support Your Hybrid and Remote Workers

By Aaron Velazquez

With the proverbial dust settling from our economy being turned on its head and multiple years of large-scale hybrid and remote work under our belts, you’re behind the times if your company isn’t accommodating your employees’ new work environment. Letting leases expire to make way for bedroom offices, dining room conference tables, and park bench desks, was acceptable for awhile when everyone was figuring out how to stay afloat; but now your company should be planning and implementing the next steps. While banging away at a laptop in a trendy coffee shop might look cool and give the impression to your employees’ hipster peers that they are in fact doing hard work, if you really want them to step up and commit to their career, you’ll need to encourage a more professional work environment. This means either helping them create a great home-office or providing access to a coworking space.

Tips for At-Home Work Effectiveness

While some employees may have figured out the perfect at-home office within the first week of remote work, others may still be slouched over in bed or sitting at the kitchen table while doing their work. To help encourage these workers to step their game up, share a few useful tips like creating a distraction-free environment or setting up proper lighting and ventilation. You can also consider offering reimbursements for home-office expenses, like an ergonomic chair or house plants, both of which can create a more comfortable, yet productive, environment. There are even services specifically for helping guide people through creating a better at-home work environment, if you really want to support your employees.

Coworking Space is a Great Solution for Today’s Worker

However, not everyone has the space or living situation for a separate, distraction-free workspace in their home; this is where you should consider coworking spaces. Not only does a coworking space come with all the benefits of a great home-office setup, it also has all the amenities of a conventional office, like a printer/copier, standard office supplies, and kitchenette, all in a location that allows your employees to distinctly separate their home and work lives. A trial coworking accommodation would be a simple day pass, where your employees can use a coworking space for the day during regular business hours; here at Workzones, we offer an intro rate of 3 days for just $35. Beyond that, you can also look into day pass packages or memberships, which we offer at reasonable prices, for a more long-term solution. While these are great options for individual workers, you can also look into enterprise packages for multiple employees, which Workzones now offers. With this, you can give your employees access to a coworking space, whenever they need it, all under the same account. If you’re in charge of many people, and want to provide them with a solid work environment, this may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

But don’t just take my word for it; here’s a direct quote from one of our enterprise clients:

“As our firm has transitioned to a remote-based work environment, Workzones has provided the flexibility for us to have regular in-person group gatherings as needed. Also, when a team-member is looking for an oasis of calm to get some work done, whether escaping spouse, kids, construction or the occasional internet outage, WorkZones is an extremely handy place for us to have access to!  Simply put, in the new work environment, which appears here to stay (for good reasons!) Workzones provides a convenient, stable and welcoming work atmosphere.”

I think that speaks for itself.

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