When I went in search of a new website designer, I was most impressed by what I saw on Ameravant's site. I wanted a local web designer, someone I could work with face to face, at least in the beginning. I could tell just by looking at their site that they really understood their customer's line of work/product/service, all of which was conveyed on the individual sites. I found their sites to be of very high quality, both aesthetically and in ease of use. I'm thrilled with the site Michael and his team have created for me. Every time I look at it, I'm dazzled by their ingenuity and artistic sense. I threw 13 books at them, each with a slew of various data - reviews, blurbs, cover designs, background images for each book, buttons for purchasing the different formats, etc. Everything functions beautifully and every screen is visually appealing. Even though my site is quite extensive, I was not faced with sticker shock when the project was completed, which adds 'affordability' to their list of virtues. Highly recommend!

Hi Michael- I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Tracy Beard from Solvang Chamber of Commerce for having me as your live webinar guest host during my Improv Fun & Games for Beginners presentation on Thursday, April 30, 2020. I had a great time and your expert knowledge of Zoom interactive webinar consulting made me feel relaxed and confident during my online experience. Thanks again!

If you need a new website, please look no further! Michael Kramer is a master of design and an expert in understanding the complexities and nuances of going public with your work in this format. His extensive background and up-to-date technological know-how and equipment are invaluable. He was very understanding (we have no background in this area,) kind, and truthful when our expectations were unreasonable. Noelle, who provides support and design guidance, is also prompt in helping with requests and guidance. We are grateful to be working with them and are thrilled with the website they helped us create to promote our book. Caryl & Jay Casbon

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