The Benefits of Working Around Like-Minded People

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The people who surround you can influence you in drastic ways without you even realizing it. One of the benefits of working in a coworking space is the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded professionals and become part of a community. From individuals with years of experience to young entrepreneurs fresh out of school, many driven people from a variety of industries utilize the coworking space in order to produce quality work. Here are three ways that working around other driven professionals can help to impact your work!

1. Make New Contacts

In a coworking space, there are several different types of individuals, many of whom share the same obstacles, problems, and challenges. According to this Wall Street Journal article, it can be tough to find an office buddy when you’re new to working remote or in a non-traditional environment. However, in our Santa Barbara coworking space, we make it easy for members to connect through our monthly member mixers or within shared spaces throughout the office. Our kitchen space is ideal for water cooler type conversations and a great place to say ‘hello’ to someone new. When it comes to breaking away for a midday break, our convenient downtown location allows members the perfect opportunity to grab a happy hour or lunch together.

2. Momentum, Motivation, and Inspiration

Being at home can be distracting and even discouraging. You won’t get the same feeling at WORKZONES – there are less distractions and a vibrant environment to keep you focused. By working in a shared coworking space, you can feed off the energy of those around you. Working alongside other professionals helps to encourage you to reach the next level in your career as you learn new ways of thinking and get feedback from other like-minded professionals.

3. Learning and Growth Opportunities

WORKZONES is filled with creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, freelancers and more. With so many unique and passionate professionals in our Santa Barbara coworking space, there are plenty of opportunities for professionals to learn a new skill or receive some sound business advice from a member of the community. Be sure to check the event calendar for trainings, workshops, educational seminars, and other professional development events that are happening at our coworking space or around Santa Barbara.

Visit Our Coworking Club

Our coworking space in downtown Santa Barbara offers a more professional atmosphere than sitting in a coffee shop and is more cost effective than signing a traditional office lease. Are you ready to work in a flexible environment where you can feed off the energy of the individuals around you? Start working in your new Santa Barbara coworking office space today! Request a tour or contact us to learn more about our club.

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