Tips and Tools for Working at Home Productively and Safely

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Working from home during COVID-19Tips and Tools for Working at Home Productively and Safely

While we’d like to remind you that you’re welcome to come in to Workzones to get work done in our safe, quiet, private facility in downtown Santa Barbara, we also recognize we’re all spending a lot more time working from home right now – and probably will be for a while.

Many of us are discovering new tools – like Zoom, Google Meet and more to collaborate with our coworkers and clients. We’re figuring out how to stay productive while surrounded by our children – and the ever-beckoning sofa and TV. We’re figuring out ways to stay productive and contribute so our jobs and our companies can keep going now, and be positioned to move forward as things improve and we figure out what “normal” looks like in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Maybe some of the things we learn and discover now can be used not just during these odd, challenging times – but they can help us work in new ways, with new skills and understanding, down the road, too.

We’ve been scouring the web and found a few things we think might help you out – some are tips, some are productivity tools, some are ideas for working more efficiently at home.

Check these articles out, and hopefully you’ll find something useful:

Tools for Getting Things Done

One of the biggest challenges to working from home is that you often have to figure out new ways and new tools to get things done. From communication tools to software for building and delivering presentations, from file sharing to graphic design and writing, this is a chance to discover and incorporate a whole new suite of skills and technologies into your work routine. Check out this list of remote work tools and see if there’s something here you might want to give a try.

Protect Yourself from Zoom Bombing

Let’s start with a pretty hot topic: “Zoom Bombing”. This article on covers how to protect yourself and your meeting participants from the dangers of “Zoom Bombing” during your calls. It’s not hard to take a few simple steps to make your Zoom meetings more secure, so take just a few minutes to read through this article and you’ll be meeting as close to f2f as possible in no time.

Work-at-Home Distraction Prevention

Next up, we thought it might be helpful to run through some hacks for preventing distractions from impacting your work-at-home productivity. If you’re not used to working at home, it takes some getting used to, and tips from the experts can help keep you on the right track.

Stay Connected to Connections and Followers on Social Media

It’s hard to know what to post on your social media platforms right now – you don’t want to post the same old “buy this” and “big savings” messages. It feels strange to talk about your usual business benefits. But staying connected with your online communities is incredibly important, so LinkedIn recently posted some very useful tips for what to post during the COVID-19 life transition. Start with authenticity, sprinkle in your unique experience, add professional expertise, and recognize that everyone is in the same boat right now.

At the heart of Workzones is our passion for the business community we’re building. Small business owners and teams who are dedicated to their journeys, and who enjoy connecting with other businesses in a state-of-the-art, thriving coworking space. When the temporary need arises now, and when the time is right in the near future, we look forward to welcoming our members back and meeting new members as you join. But for now: stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep moving forward, and we’ll all get through this perhaps even wiser and better than we were before.

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