Types Of People You’ll Find In A Coworking Space

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With modern designs and premium amenities, coworking spaces are a hub for business professionals of all kinds – from big business owners to freelancers. At Workzones, our coworking space in Santa Barbara is made up of members from all over the business community. Here are 5 types of professionals you’ll find in our coworking community.

Who Works in Coworking Spaces?


  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Business Owners
  3. Freelancers
  4. Telecommuters
  5. Corporate Teams

Why Do These Professionals Choose Coworking?



Starting your own business takes hard work, and oftentimes, finances are tight in the beginning. Kabbage, Inc. conducted a survey that discovered 47% of small business owners use their savings to get their business off the ground. That’s a big risk to take! While you may want an office space for your new company, renting a traditional office requires high up-front costs and long-term commitments, and for someone just getting started, that’s a high liability. That’s why many entrepreneurs have chosen coworking spaces as their ideal workplace. Short-term membership plans and built-in community amenities give entrepreneurs a reduced financial risk so that they can pour more resources into growing their business.

Business Owners

Business owners are always looking for ways to grow their companies, and two opportunities for growth come from 1. improving your products and 2. forming strategic partnerships. Many business owners establish themselves in coworking communities, placing them in a space that garners career-minded individuals. These other professionals are invaluable as they provide feedback on product prototypes and grow the business owner’s network.

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Freelancing gives professionals a significant amount of freedom in their career – both in choosing their clients and projects and in determining their hours of operation. However, while working in a coffee shop sounds appealing, research collected by the Harvard Business Review uncovered that coworking members feel that they take their work more seriously and that they can make a positive impression on their clientele. Forbes cites a survey that breaks these findings into statistics: 71% of coworking members increased their creativity, 62% saw improvements in their quality of work, and 90% felt more confident in their products.

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With many companies are going digital, there’s an influx of remote workers in the United States. Many of these workers enjoy being able to complete their work in the comfort of home; however, they have the added challenge of establishing a work-life balance.o increase their productivity, telecommuting professionals have traded out their home offices for coworking communities. These individuals have found that they can focus better when they have a separate space to complete the tasks at hand.

Corporate Teams

While it seems like a majority of coworking members would be individual professionals, corporate teams are moving into the shared space. Corporate entities have found that moving their teams into coworking spaces gives them the opportunity to hire from diverse geographic locations, thus creating a more diverse workforce. Growing diversity within the company is fuel collaboration and creativity, which ultimately leads to an increase in product innovation.

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