Working from Home is Here to Stay.

Person holding child while working on laptop

It is almost the end of 2020 and no one could have anticipated what an unprecedented year it has been. From parents becoming teachers, working from home, and all of the other uncertainties, it looks like remote work is here to stay. While some have found this transition fairly easy, others may still be struggling. We hope to share some information on how to best prepare you for more remote work in 2021.

Working from home has its challenges.

One of the most difficult challenges about working remotely is the endless distractions that are inside your home. You may not have a quiet workspace, you may be answering emails on the couch or on the kitchen table, your kids may be doing virtual learning in the same room, you name it. A simple tip is to turn off distractions that you can actually control. Put your phone on silent or even in the other room, turn off notifications on your computer, and don’t have social media tabs open while working.

Another good tip is to define your workspace, ensure there is a clear distinction between where you do your work and where you do everything else. Enable this workspace to be a place of focus and productivity. However, for many of you defining a workspace may be impossible, and this is where Workzones can help! 

Workzones is a great alternative to working from home.

As Santa Barbara’s premier coworking space, we can offer you a safe, and definable workspace that will guarantee you an increase in productivity! An awesome thing about WZ is the flexibility that comes with a membership. You can get a personal membership and use our socially distanced coworking areas and pay by the month, or we have office space for rent on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Even better, we have a variety of different size office spaces for rent that can fit yourself, you and a coworker, a small meeting, or even your entire team! What’s not to like about that??

We know that every new year brings New Year’s resolutions and this year make the change to become more productive. To help you do so, we currently have our holiday special where you can get 12 days of coworking for only $75 or get a private office for just $499 a month! Maybe you do have a proper workspace at home, but a friend or colleague may not so make sure you tell a friend and spread the holiday cheer! 

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