Workplace Wellness for Employees and Employers

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Post authored by Aaron Valesquez

The Importance of Workplace Wellness for Employees and Employers

As this author knows from first hand quitting experience, retaining new hires can be a difficult task for employers; from changing life circumstances to a simple swing of one’s mood, there are infinite reasons an employee may quit. And with the past six months being dubbed “The Great Resignation”, because of a record-setting mass of people leaving their jobs, being an “employer of choice” has never been more important for any company.

What is an “employer of choice”?

While there is much to read on this subject, the main idea behind an employer of choice is that they provide as much as they can for the overall physical and mental wellness of their employees. Beyond simply paying an efficiency wage, an employer of choice can also provide a balanced work-culture and work-environment; all of which help retain employees by reducing stress, a major factor in whether an employee stays with a company.

Taking Care of “Zoom Fatigue”

A major part of recent workplace stress has been the constant and isolated use of technology; many workers in the pandemic-economy are spending all day, by themselves, staring at a screen. And while remote working has been shown to increase productivity, it has also been shown to hurt long-term creativity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, humans do indeed need to be around others for their own mental health. And, while there are ways to alleviate “Zoom Fatigue”, two of the simplest things an employer of choice can do is offer a balance between remote, hybrid, and in-person activities along with caring about their workers’ day-to-day wellness.

Workday Wellness

You probably don’t have much control over the medium through which you attend work events, especially in the current state of our economy; nonetheless, you can still attempt to take your everyday work-wellness into your own hands. While you might not be able to lift weights, take a hike, or have a spa day while on the clock (although you should consider such activities outside of work hours), there are a multitude of tasks you can do for your overall wellness while on the job; here are a few of the simplest ones to consider:

Exercise: As we all know, sitting for too long can have detrimental health affects; and the office is one of the most common perpetrators of extended sitting. Even just a couple minutes of basic movements like stretching, yoga, jumping jacks, pushups, or squats can get the blood pumping and alleviate negative side-effects of extended office-chair usage. You can also eliminate the office-chair entirely by using a stand-up desk, an ammenity here at Workzones.

Getting outside: Whether it’s for a lunch break or just a quick stroll around the block, getting some fresh air is an important part of being a human and can literally give you a second wind.

Further, with Workzones being located in the beautiful Paseo Nuevo area, you can combine work and an outing with a “walking meeting”.

Breaks: Sometimes a more intensive break is called for and that is when you should consider scheduling a massage, calling a friend, meditating, or simply putting your head down for a few minutes; all of which can give your mind a much needed rest and subsequent boost. And if you are at Workzones, or even just around the Paseo Nuevo area, come utilize our wellness center and decompress.

Wellness in Santa Barbara

Our beautiful area likes to pride itself on a health and daycation focused work culture; but what if there was a way to take your work-wellness to the next level? Let’s say you are on a bleisure trip, perhaps partaking in some “hoteling” at a local coworking space, and would like to make your time here extra awesome. Then consider utilizing Expond, a local company that specializes in “Experiences On Demand”. Simply put, they have a vast network of expert trainers, guides and coaches that can connect you to a fitness and wellness adventure with just a few taps on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. I mean, what is more Santa Barbara than a hassle-free, outdoor experience to keep your work-life balance in equilibrium?

These days there are numerous ways to go about navigating this hybrid economy, so why not take advantage of the many wellness opportunities that come with this new work environment. Whether it’s simply doing a crossword for five minutes in between assignments or taking a stand-up paddle board lesson, the key to a workplace of wellness is doing something that leaves you feeling refreshed, de-stressed, and productive.


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