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Complete Video/Audio, Production Services & Equipment for Your Next Hybrid Zoom Meeting

Workzones Post by Aaron Velasquez

20% Discount for Your 1st Hybrid Event

Workzones New Partnership with Hypecats, Santa Barbara’s Zoom Webinar Managed Consultants

As was touched upon in a previous article, the business world is increasingly becoming hybrid; and in response to such shifts, Workzones is upping our hybrid event game by forming a partnership with tech wizards Hypecats to help you set up and run your fully managed zoom meetings and events.

What is Hypecats?

Founded by Michael Kramer in March 2020, Hypecats is a division of Ameravant Web Design, a company with 450 clients and over 19 years of web design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing experience. Based in Santa Barbara, Hypecats specializes in video production and “Zoom event management”; essentially, they have the capability to help handle virtual meetings from start to finish.

Workzones & Hypecats

When hosting an event with a virtual aspect, you need the right platform and the right equipment, and the last thing anybody wants is tech issues. With this new partnership, Hypecats and Workzones can now alleviate any worries about a faulty virtual meeting with our professional setup and production; and to accommodate various needs, we offer three different packages to make your hybrid event a breeze:

Hybrid Event Package 1

Pro Equipment: For this package, all of the equipment will be provided in the room, including:

  • Soundbar
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Screen

All you have to do is plug one USB cable into your laptop and you’re on!

Hybrid Event Package 2

Webinar Management: This package includes all of the equipment in Package 1 plus a computer, if needed, and the Hypecats staff will also assist in remotely running the virtual meeting.

Hybrid Event Package 3

Fully Produced Event: On top of the previously mentioned services, this package includes the usage of TV production software to visually enhance the meeting, and will also be controlled remotely by the Hypecats staff.

While it is one thing to have a laptop and software, it is a completely different thing to have a professional operate and produce your event. So next time you have a hybrid event to host or a fully managed zoom meeting to run, consider coming downtown to Workzones and utilizing the services of our new partners, Hypecats.

Let Us Help You with Your Hybrid Event

Give us the details of your event or meeting and we’ll work with our partners at Hypecats right here in Santa Barbara to help craft the perfect event.