workzones members sitting together
Meet the member

Steve Wells, Doug Robinson, Erika Hunnewell, Mike Blackburn, Scott Douglas

ClearPathGPS has been with workzones since the day it opened! Managing Partner and founder, Steve Wells, was actually working for DeLorme Tracking when he hatched the idea with Chris Fowler. After working together at various tech companies for the past 15 years (e.g Citrixx, Rightscale), they decided to venture out on their own.

They sell GPS tracking software to commercial fleets nationwide. Pioneers in the no-contract, on-demand GPS tracking world, ClearPath works hard to earn their clients’ business every single month. They do not lock you into a contract, preferring to rely on one’s sense of loyalty. You stay because you want to.

Just as they’re SAS (software-as-service), Steve likes how workzones is OAS (office-as-a-service). What he and the ClearPath team are doing wasn’t possible five years ago – until workzones opened up!

The ClearPath team currently consists of Scott Douglas (Partner and Head of Sales), Erika Hunnewell (Account Manager), Doug Robinson (Sales Development Representative), and  Mike Blackburn (Sales Development Rep.) but they are growing every month!

In between cracking jokes, Steve’s passion for the company shines through. In his free time, he raises teenage kids (his own, promise), spends time doing outdoors-y things, and “helps his fellow man.” (We’re telling you, he’s a jokester!)

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