workzones Membership

why workzones?

It’s more than a desk, but less than a corporate campus.
It’s more than the solitude of a home-office, and less clamor than cafe-squatting.
It costs more than a daily cappuccino, but way less than leasing an office.

workzones is a community of like-minded, independent professionals
that want a better place to work than the usual alternatives.
Members plug into their chosen location on their own terms,
based on their specific needs for that day or hour.

Other members checked-in during your visit might include:

  • a small start-up team that meets regularly to discuss their project
  • a freelancer presenting to a prospective client
  • a remote employee of an out-of-area corporation
  • a consultant preparing for a big meeting
  • a traveler in-between customer visits.

So, whether your home-office is too noisy, not noisy enough, or just not ideal for holding a meeting–workzones provides a choice of settings and workstations to meet your needs.

Each location includes several ‘zones’ — some with rooms and doors to close, some with noise restrictions and others that encourage collaboration and social interaction. There’s even a “welcome zone” to receive your hosted guests.

No matter your objective, there’s an optimal seat to meet your needs for a productive work session.


why membership?

  • It’s an affordable approach to having unlimited access to a productive workspace.
  • It gives you a professional presence from front desk reception to a downtown business address.
  • It gives you access to meeting rooms and offices without the burden of leasing.
  • You’re part of a professional community with an expanded network of local contacts.
  • Your business adds resources and services without adding costly overhead.
[/plus_list] workzones is a member-based community of professionals that also accepts drop-in guests. We encourage you to stop in and try us out.