Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: The Powerhouses of Santa Barbara’s Paseo Nuevo

During Women’s History Month, it is only fitting to shine a spotlight on the dynamic women business owners who bring passion and creativity to local businesses.

Lisa Green

In the heart of Santa Barbara sits Paseo Nuevo, a bustling hub of creativity and commerce that is home to many entrepreneurs. Nestled within its vibrant corridors are inspirational women business owners who are not just shaping their own destinies but also leaving a lasting mark on the local community. In total, Paseo Nuevo is home to more than 45 businesses, of which approximately one-third are women owned and operated. These include women-run retail shops, co-working spaces and open air markets, among other ventures. A few Paseo Nuevo business owners shed light on their entrepreneurial ventures and what it means to work in the Santa Barbara region.

Lisa Green had a vision for Blissful Boutique. She wanted to create a place that was more than a business but also a platform for local artisans and small businesses to thrive. By providing a space free from operational costs that retail spaces may impart on each artisan individually, Green fosters a community where creativity flourishes within, and customers are offered a limitless variety of products. For Green, being a Santa Barbara business owner is a badge of honor, allowing her to contribute to the character of the American Riviera while showcasing the diverse talents of her fellow artisans.

Pam Tanase

Pam Tanase and her co-founders envisioned Workzones as a sanctuary for professionals seeking a balance between work and life. This coworking space, in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, offers a haven for solo-preneurs, startups and remote workers alike. As a Santa Barbara business owner, Tanase draws on her deep connection to the city, having chosen it as the place to raise her family and build a thriving business. Through Workzones, Tanase aims to facilitate meaningful connections and foster a supportive community that goes above and beyond traditional office space boundaries.

Anna Cardenas

For Anna Cardenas, jewelry is more than just an accessory — it’s a symbol of confidence and empowerment. Inspired by her multicultural heritage and the laid-back vibe of Santa Barbara, Cardenas’ designs at Anna Janelle Jewelry exude sophistication with a touch of effortless charm. As one of Paseo’s women business owners, Cardenas takes pride in contributing to the city’s vibrant tapestry while creating a space where individuals can embrace their unique sense of self-expression.

Sara Gehris’ passion for restoration and repurposing serves as the driving force behind Urban Flea Market. Through her eclectic collection of vintage treasures and locally sourced art, Gehris creates a nostalgic haven that resonates with patrons of all ages. As a woman who owns a business, Gehris sees herself adding to the community spirit, and enriching the local landscape by intertwining a blend of creativity and nostalgia.

In celebrating these women entrepreneurs of Paseo Nuevo, it’s time to honor not only their individual achievements but also recognize the collective impact they have on the Santa Barbara community. Their businesses are more than just storefronts — they’re beacons of inspiration, creativity and empowerment, shaping the cultural attributes of the region.

To learn more about Paseo Nuevo’s tenants, visit paseonuevosb.com/womenshistorymonth.

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