Workzones Guest Information

People in hybrid meeting

Awkward arrival? not here.

Have you ever dropped into a well-established coworking office to discover there’s nobody around to answer your questions or help? It’s just awkward.
Workzones was designed to ensure everyone is welcomed and gets productive quickly. (Not awkward!)

We’re always here to greet you.

Day use, drop-in and non-member visitors:

  • Every guest must register
  • First-time visitors are kindly requested to complete a guided tour of the facility before starting work.
  • Non-members that have previously visited a Workzones location will be asked to purchase a Day Pass.
  • Drop-in guests will be given access to social zones and standard business services such as WiFi.
  • Drop-in guests and non-member visitors may pay additional fees* to access meeting zones and offices.
  • Guests are asked to observe all Workzones community rules
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