11266432_385181531670146_7117188618488702977_nPaul Spriggs

Manager, Convoy Music Group




Paul Spriggs is a Manager at Convoy Music Group and has been a member of workzones since April 2014. Convoy is an entertainment management company with teams in seven cities on four different continents around the world. The Santa Barbara office (which consists of Paul and his one employee) currently manages Alex G., Jennifer Paige, and Fullee Love.

Paul has been in the music business since 1978, mostly on the live touring side as a tour and production manager. His past clients include Diana Ross, INXS, Prince, Joan Jett, The Beastie Boys, Joss Stone, and many others.

In Paul’s opinion, the most significant impact his company has on Santa Barbara is when one of the artists he manages performs in town.

You can find Paul enjoying his favorite Cajun food at the Palace in the heart of Santa Barbara during his free time.

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