Holiday Office Events 2021 with Help from Workzones

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Post authored by Aaron Valesquez

Holiday Office Events 2021 with Help from Workzones

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes company holiday parties. Following 2020’s mass cancelation of gatherings, recent trends suggest that such events are slotted to make a comeback this year. While this may induce some social anxiety for some, after almost two years of minimal in-person interaction at work, it can actually be a great opportunity for employers to boost moral and retain employees by showing that they are “employers of choice”. And with many options for the medium of your event, there are certain things to keep in mind for a well-planned and enjoyable holiday party.

In-Person Holiday Event:

While large holiday parties may still be on-hold, in-person events are definitely an option this year. The main thing to keep in mind though, is the covid-comfort of your employees. Along with standard hygiene, maintaining a relatively small group at your party is also crucial to the success of your in-person event. One catering company recommends a gathering of no more than 24 people. While the number of attendees is ultimately up to your discretion and that of the venue, the idea still holds: keep the in-person gathering small and safe.

Fortunately, here at Workzones, we have the perfect venue for a small-scale office party. Unlike a hotel, we can work with you to customize the event however you like. Whether you would like to handle the catering and beverages or leave that all up to our concierge service, the choice is yours, just let us know.

Hybrid Zoom Meetings & Parties:

With this year’s emphasis on small-scale in-person events, and larger, virtual events, hybrid parties are becoming an increasingly popular middle-ground. Take for example a large company that has multiple offices across the coast. Instead of having a single, large party, they can have smaller, regional gatherings and connect them all via a virtual medium. This allows the good times to roll, connects everyone, and still maintains a safe environment.

As you may have already figured, Workzones also has the capability to make your office party a hybrid event. Not only can we accommodate the in-person aspect, with our Hypecats partnership, we can also handle the virtual aspect to create a fully hybrid office party. From champagne to video chats, Workzones can make it happen.

Virtual Holiday Gatherings:

If in-person or hybrid parties are not an option, perhaps because your company is too large, spread out, or does not feel safe gathering, then a virtual party may be your best course of action. The key here is to make it engaging, lighthearted, and fun; a video-chat will never fully substitute a real party, so focus on showing your employees that they are valued without the “party” becoming just another remote business meeting. Maybe start with a couple short

speeches, a little slideshow, and then break out into smaller groups for some sort of game (perhaps with a reward for the winning team). You should also consider sending some sort of present for each employee. Perhaps a gift basket they can open and enjoy during the party, a visa gift card to help with their holiday shopping, or, similarly, the chance to expense a meal delivered to their home that they can enjoy during the holiday party.

And if you’re an employee in such a scenario, consider lining up your virtual office party with a vacation in Santa Barbara. Not only is this area perfect for business meetings, but you can also attend your event from Workzones and potentially get part of your trip expensed by your company.

Regardless of your company’s preferred party methods, the holiday season is a great time to give back to your employees, display your appreciation, have some fun at work, and show that not all employers are complete Scrooges.

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