How Gamification Can Help Your Business

Do you remember playing video games when you were younger? In the games, your character would carry out a series of tasks, and once those tasks were completed, you would earn an award and move to the next level. Gamification works the same way. Through gamification, businesses incorporate video game-like characteristics into marketing strategies to engage customers. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Samsung have all used gaming characteristics to boost sales and improve their relationship with their customers, and you can too. Here are some ways that gamification can help you grow your business.

1. It Can Help Direct Your Customers

In video games, there is usually a clear path that characters can take to move forward and beat the game. Translated into business it can be as simple as creating a map for your customers – for example on your website – that can help them to easily understand what you want them to do and what progress they are making toward achieving that goal.

2. It Can Give Customers A Sense Of Control

It’s no secret that people don’t like being told what to do. Just watch any toddler after they’ve been told ‘no,’ and you’ll see the purest example of how we feel when someone tries to force us to do something we really don’t want to do. By incorporating gamification into your marketing strategies, you’re allowing customers to feel in control by letting them challenge themselves and achieve the end goal. The benefit this has to your business is that your customers are achieving a goal you wanted them to achieve in the first place – they just feel like they are in control of the outcome.

3. It Can Reinforce Positive Behaviors

Think about social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of social media is to get people to engage with one another, and one of the ways they reinforce that behavior is by giving users the option to “comment,” “like,” or “share” a post. The action of “liking” a post shows the owner of the post that they connected with someone, and it gives them the confidence boost they need to post again. This is an example of gamification in play. Because users have been rewarded for completing an action, they’re likely to complete that action again.

4. It Can Make Customers Feel Like They’ve Achieved Something

Let’s take Amazon, for instance – especially when thinking about this last season. During the holidays, did you ever use Amazon to buy gifts for your friends and family? And once you were done, didn’t you feel accomplished? When customers visit your website, you want them to feel like they’ve achieved something, because if they feel like you helped them accomplish a goal, then they’ll likely be a returning customer. Encouraging the ‘achievement’ feeling is a key component in building brand loyalty.

5.  It Can Create Brand Loyalty

As we just mentioned, when people feel like they’ve achieved something because of your brand, they’re likely to purchase your product again. Over time, those repeat customers can turn into loyal enthusiasts, telling their friends, family, and coworkers how your brand has benefited them. Creating a following for your brand allows you to get your product out in front of new customers without having to spend precious dollars on marketing.

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