What to Consider When Planning a Networking Event

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Networking is a great way to connect with other professionals; but there is a lot to consider when planning a great networking event. Besides having the right special event space, it is important to know what other things need to be considered when planning a networking event.

Simple Registration

Simple registration is key to bringing in a large networking group. Many times, people don’t attend an event because signing up was just too difficult. Create an app or use a premade app, like Eventbrite, so  planning a networking event can run smoother. Having others register in advance will give you a better idea of how many people to expect. Also, it gives you a chance to relay any extra information they may need to know before the networking event.


Coworking Workshops

Workshops are a great way of implementing ideas for individuals who are looking to learn. There are so many topics that can be discussed in the business realm, and having workshops is an easy way to bestow any information. You can talk about things like SEO, how to become a better leader, how to be more approachable, etc. it is up to you to choose!


If you want people to know about your networking event, you have to know how to market it the right way – make friends and be social! The best way to spread awareness about your event is to talk about it with everyone that you know. Write a great blog about your event, content is surely key when you want people to learn more about your networking event and to constantly be reminded of it. Also, be sure to build the excitement and buzz around your event. Make people feel as if they do not want to miss out on it!


Follow Up

Follow up with a thank you email showing your appreciation to all those who showed up. If you want to maintain a big networking community, it is best to stay in contact with all those who came to the special event. Using the information they included on the app when they signed up is an easy way to contact them.  It’ll be a reminder for them to attend the next event as well as an opportunity to recruit others. Follow up with the attendees and be open to any of their suggestions and ideas for improvement for the next networking event.


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