How’s the Progress with your Resolutions going?

Article by Aaron Velasquez

Are You on Track With Your 2022 Goals?

With the first month of 2022 officially behind us, you may be evaluating your New Year’s resolution progress, or perhaps the lack thereof. Are you keeping up with your health and fitness goals, or could you be doing better? While Workzones may not be able to get you to the gym or get you to bed earlier, we can help you with your business resolutions.

As time is the scarcest resource, many common business resolutions center around time management; efficiency and a solid work/life balance being two integral aspects. People want to be productive when they’re working so they can be entirely off the clock when they’re not. As business woman Carly Fiorina puts it, “time is the one thing we can never get back,” and “how we choose to use our precious, limited time defines our impact, directs our life, and over time, dictates who we are in many important ways.”

Maximize Productivity in a Professional, Fully Equipped Work Space

With this mentality in mind, Workzones is focused on providing a calm and clean environment for professionals to maximize their productivity in the office so they can have more time outside of it. And while you could try to do your remote work from home, many people find themselves falling into the trap of multitasking, which has been shown to be detrimental to efficiency and therefore can infringe on your freetime. Not only is the at-home work environment full of distractions that may seem like minor derailments, but they actually waste tons of time as you struggle to get back in the groove after every stop. Instead, we offer thoughtfully designed communal coworking spaces, executive team suites, conference and meeting rooms, and private offices, depending on whatever your needs are. Not only do these options give you a space to do your work, but also provides a access to a community of productive and successful people. Further, if your relationship with your loved one is suffering from too much time at home, a new work environment may be just the fix you need; as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. And if you’re worried about what to do with your kids, we have a family friend office area where you can bring your kids in and get your work done.

Whether you’re a remote employee looking for a quiet space to work, an entrepreneur looking for a desk and a business network, or a manager in need of a private room for yourself and desks for multiple employees, we have the spots for you. Further, we provide all the common office amenities, from wifi, office supplies, and coffee to furniture, a kitchen, and a printer. And with the virtual business environment transitioning into a hybrid environment, we also have the capability to facilitate hybrid meetings of anywhere from 2-75 people.

By creating a boundary for the time you spend working, our club will help you maximize your freetime and create more enjoyment. And even while you’re on the clock, we also make sure to keep workplace wellness in mind. Our prime downtown location gives many opportunities for relaxing outdoor lunches, walking meetings, gym and fitness breaks to alleviate “sitting syndrome”, and fun post-work activities, all of which are crucial for a healthy work/life balance. And simply being in the Santa Barbara area in general allows for numerous experiences just around the corner.

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